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High-quality castors from Tente let you improve the performance of your product. Tente has a wide product range in that diameter of castors varies between 14 mm and 920 mm.

Tente which is an innovator company developed a motorized castor (e-drive) for some applications such as trolleys.

We supply castors and wheels conforming to standards for all kind of hospital bed and devices which are used in hospitals and clinics.

Tente developed a user-friendly castor called e-lock which is controlled by a hand set for applications such as hospital bed.

In order to discharge the static electricity which is caused by electrostatic induction and frictional charging, Tente has a wide range of ESD solutions.

With their elegant design, Tente responds the furniture sector’s needs in all furniture applications. Also, electric-conductive castors which are well suited for use in hospitals or on carpeted floors are available.

Tente can offer mobility solutions up to 13 tons load capacity and 920 mm diameter castors.


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